foundation agility

Foundation Class:

Foundation is our first agility class, catering for dogs who have done no, or very little ‘agility’ training as such before. Dogs with some obedience training are of course, welcome here. Dogs from 5 months and over welcome, as most of the exercises are done away from equipment.

Foundation class aims to teach you and your dogs:
-the ‘shaping game’, and basically how we teach our dogs to learn. What motivates them, how can we create a dog that loves working with us, and is able to think creatively, problem-solve, and refine its behaviours.
-body-awareness: many dogs don’t know they have back-feet or legs, yet knowing how their body works not only helps them navigate the world safely, but allows them to get through agility courses with more coordination.
-motivation and drive games
-wraps and turns
-tunnel games
-acceleration/deceleration games, and games for speed
-distraction training (or: pay attention to your handler!)
-stays and self-control
-flat-work (preparing you and your dog for moving around an agility course together)
-jump grids/jump bumps
-lots and lots of play.

Time & date:

Wednesday Evenings: 7.30pm



Classes will be no larger than 6 participants, and are 45 minutes in duration


$180 for the 8 lesson course which includes a comprehensive online component with videos and feedback available.

What to bring:

Your dog’s favourite toy/s.

Some yummy treats.

Shoes with good grip. The Field can get a bit slippery so try and have some grip on your shoes.

A lead and a flat collar and/or sport harness for your dog.

A clicker.

Mosquito repellant

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